ECOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY-2022 The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Conference topics

A. Fundamental Aspects of  Ecological and Environmental Chemistry               

  • Oxidizing and reducing agents (antioxidants) in environment, technology and living organisms
  • Electron transfer reactions in redox processes
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of redox processes in ecological systems
  • Photochemical processes in the environment
  • Modeling of the redox processes in the environment
  • Chemical risk assessment and analysis

B. Water Science and Society

  • Ecological chemistry of natural waters, pollution and self-purification
  • Industrial and municipal waste water treatment and reuse
  • Modern approach and advanced methods to pollution control, monitoring and prevention: physico-chemical, biochemical and remote sensing methods, water quality indicators, etc. 
  • Transboundary waters and disasters management
  • Water, sanitation and health

C. Climate Change and Atmospheric Chemistry

  • Redox processes in troposphere and stratosphere (air emissions, acid rains, precipitations, smog, etc.)
  • Air quality monitoring, pollution prevention, control and modeling
  • Air pollution impact on climate change
  • Air quality and health

D. Food, Soil and Waste Chemistry

  • Food safety and security
  • Chemical aspects of crop nutrition, soil fertility and degradation prevention
  • Physico-chemical transformations of soil pollutants
  • Wastes management, treatment and reuse in agriculture, food and wine production
  • Hazardous wastes (POPs, hospital, pharmaceutical, etc.) detoxication

 E. Ecological & Environmental Chemistry within the Knowledge Triangle: Research-Education-Innovation

  • Methodological aspects in assurance of high quality knowledge, skills, innovation, technologies and solutions towards the ecologically balanced future
  • Innovative policies, strategies and solutions addressing the global challenges for environment and sustainable development
  • Environmental transnational rights, legislation and control
  • Sustainable use and circular management of natural resources
  • Household chemicals in everyday life: safety and efficiency
  • Pollution impact on the health