ECOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY-2022 The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Registered Participants

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E. Ecological and Environmental Chemistry within the Knowledge Triangle: Research-Education-Innovation


Nr. Title, Name Country City Abstract Title
1 Mrs Babashova Yetar Azerbaijan Baku Ecofriendly Ionic Liquids in Petrochemical Processes
2 Dr Baerle Alexei Moldova Chisinau Algorithm of Anti-Scientific Myths Refutation by Scaling of the Typical Tasks and Experiments in Chemistry
3 Mrs Balan Diana Moldova Criuleni Tehnologia de Creștere a Zarzavaturilor prin Cultivarea pe Verticală prin Metode si Materiale Ecologice.
4 Mrs Behta Emilia Moldova Chisinau The Role of InvA-gene in the Determination of Salmonella spp. Contamination of Food
5 Mr Blonschi Vladislav Moldova Chisinau Medicinal Plant Products – The Source of Raw Materials For a Sustainable Pharmaceutical Industry
6 Mr Blonschi Vladislav Moldova Chisinau History of the Development of Ecological Chemistry
7 Dr Bunduchi Elena Moldova Chisinau Formarea Competenţelor Ambientale la Pregătirea Specialiştilor din Domeniul Ingineriei Chimice
8 Mrs Cibotaru Silvia Moldova Chisinau Adsorption of Cu(II) by Intact and Modified Activated Carbon
9 Mrs Cibotaru Silvia Moldova Chisinau Study of Vitamin B12 Adsorption According to the Nature of the Carbonic Adsorbents
10 Mrs Culighin Elena Moldova Chisinau Climate Box as a Tool for Environmental Education
11 Dr Datsko Tatiana Moldova Chisinau A Hybrid Photo Catalyst for Solving Environmental Problems
12 Dr Dîru Mariana Moldova Chisinau Consecințele Utilizării Iraționale a Substanțelor
13 Ms Dorogan Elena Moldova Chisinau Regimul de Oxigen al Apei Fluviului Nistru
14 Dr Șaragov Vasilii Moldova Bălți Unele Aspecte în Predarea Impactului Poluării Asupra Sănătății
15 Mr Gladchi Mircea Moldova Chisinau Interaction of Property Right with Environmental Law from Human Rights Perspective
16 Mrs Haydarli Gunay Azerbaijan Baku The Acylation Reactions of Cycloalkylphenols with Acetic Acid
17 Mr Hramco Constantin Russia Dubna Experimental Setup for Elemental Analysis Using Prompt Gamma Rays at Research Reactor IBR-2
18 Mrs Khankishiyeva Rana Azerbaijan Baku Green Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles Using Aqueous Peel Extracts of Pomegranates and its Application in Seed Coating
19 Ms Kravciuk Natalia Moldova Chisinau Human Rights for Better Live: Environmental Transnational Rights, Legislation and Control.
20 Dr Lificiu Petru Romania Bucharest Current Environmental Challenges for Human Security
21 Mr Metta Andrew Moldova Chișinău The Subject “Ecological Education” in the Cycle of Lyceum Education in the Republic of Moldova
22 Dr Muntean Simona Gabriela România Timisoara Removal of Congo Red and Cu(II) by Adsorption using Carbon Magnetic Nanocomposites: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies
23 Dr Nazarkovsky Michael Brazil Rio de Janeiro Structural-Sorption Dualism of the Biochar Produced of Silvergrass (Miscanthus sp) in Adsorption of Fulvic Acids from Water
24 Ms Nicolau Elena Moldova Chisinau Persistent Organochlorine Pesticides and their Impact on Human Health
25 Ms Nistor Maria-Andreea Romania Timisoara New Magnetic Nanoparticles Applied as Adsorbents for Removal of Anionic and Cationic Dyes from Aqueous Solutions
26 Dr Pacioglu Octavian Romania Bucharest Ecophysiological and Life-History Adaptations of Gammarus Balcanicus (Schäferna, 1922) in a Sinking-Cave Stream from Western Carpathians (Romania)
27 Mrs Popa Nelea Moldova Chisinau Increasing the Ecological Awareness of Young People through Involvement in Environmental Protection Activities
28 Mrs Purice Mariana Moldova Anenii Noi Educația Ecologică prin Implicarea Elevilor în Proiectul Ecologic Green School (Școala Verde)
29 Mr Recepoğlu Yaşar Kemal Turkey İzmir Development of Sustainable and Cost Effective Biosorbent from Hazelnut Shell Waste for Lithium Extraction from Water
30 Ms Rujavnița Irina Moldova Ungheni Determining the Quality of Detergents, the Negative Impact on the Environment and Human Healt
31 Ms Sergheev Liliana Moldova Chisinau Metode Standardizate de Determinare a Calității Solului
32 Mr Serhanov Rustam Moldova Chisinau Identify Emerging Contaminants in Air, Water, and Soil
33 Mr Shahmuradov Samir Azerbaijan Baku Isopropyl Aminomethyl Phenol – as an Effective Disinfectant and Bactericidal Aganist Infectious Diseases
34 Dr Sidoroff Manuela Elisabeta Romania Bucuresti Sinergies and Collaboration Opportunities in Research-Education-Innovation for River-Sea Systems
35 Dr Trifăuțan Viorica Moldova Chisinau Rolul Expertizei Judiciare Ecologice Bazinelor Acvatice În Urma Impactului Antropogen Și Gestionarea Internațională A Resurselor Naturale În Condițiile Schimbărilor Climatice
36 Dr Tsintskaladze Giorgi Georgia Tbilisi Obtaining of Anionic Form Nanomaterial and Possibility of its Use in Agriculture
37 Ms Ungureanu Ana Moldova Chisinau Antibiotic Residues in Food
38 Ms Uzun Ana Moldova Chisinau Metode Standardizate de Determinare a Calității Aerului
39 Dr Velisco Natalia Moldova Chisinau Formare Profesională Continuă în Domeniul Chimie