ECOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY-2022 The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

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D. Food, Soil and Waste Chemistry


Nr. Title, Name Country City Abstract Title
1 Prof Agabekov Vladimir Belarus Minsk New Eco-Friendly Materials for Various Functional Purposes
2 Mrs Aliyeva Tarana Azerbaijan Baku Study of Oxides Content in Volcanic Mud Samples Using a High-Efficiency S8 TIGER X-Ray Fluorescent Spectrometer
3 Prof Aliyeva Tarana Azerbaijan Baku Investigation of the Content of Minerals in Samples of Volcanic Mud by X-Ray Diffractometry
4 Dr Anghel Lilia Moldova Chisinau A Small Angle Scattering Study of Polysaccharides with Antioxidant Activity
5 Dr Antonucci Angela Italy Roma Beechwood Biochar for the Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soils: Column Tests and Simulation Model
6 Dr Aricu Aculina Moldova Chisinau Synthesis of Biologically Active Terpenoids by Valorisation of Some Vegetable Wastes
7 Dr Artiomov Laurenția Moldova Chișinău The Impact of Soil Pollution with Antibiotics on Soil Microorganisms and Food Safety
8 Prof Avino Pasquale Italy Campobasso State-of-Art of Formaldehyde Determination by Sensors in Environmental and Food Matrices
9 Prof Avino Pasquale Italy Campobasso Critical Review of the Analytical Methods Based on the HPLC-Electrochemical Sensor Coupling
10 Dr Bogdevici Oleg Moldova Chisinau Review of the Management of POPs Contaminated Sites in Republic of Moldova
11 Mr Burcovschi Ion Moldova Chişinău Sunflower Crop and Agro-Ecological Approach to Soil Conservation and Reducing Chemical Inputs.
12 Prof Cimpoiu Claudia Romania Cluj-Napoca Fingerprinting and Antioxidant Activity Evaluation of Some Red and White Romanian Wines
13 Prof Ciugureanu Ludmila Moldova Chișinău The Need for Sustainable Use of Agricultural Land
14 Mrs Cojocari Daniela Moldova Chisinau Microbiostatic Effect of Bioactive Compounds from Agro-Food Industrial Wastes on Microorganisms Causing Food Spoilage
15 Dr Covaci Ecaterina Moldova Chisinau Dynamics of White Wine Oxidability Depending on Technological Factors: Sulfur Dioxide, Iron and Copper ions
16 Dr Covaliova Olga Moldova Chisinau New Additives of Bioactive Substances in the Biochemical Digestion Processes
17 Mrs Crucirescu Diana Moldova Chisinau The Acidifier from Unripe Apples – Source of Natural Acidity
18 Mrs Culighin Elena Moldova Chisinau Changes Over Time in Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) Concentrations in Soils in Lower Dniester Region, Republic of Moldova
19 Mrs Decima Maria Alejandra Italia Roma Commercial Biochar as Adsorbent for Removal of Heavy Metals and Organic Compounds
20 Dr Ebralidze Ketevan Georgia Tbilisi Environmentally Friendly Pyrethroid Drug Against Plant Pests
21 Dr Frunze Nina Moldova Chișinău Ecological Appreciation of Typical Chernozem
22 Dr Galaburda Mariia Ukraine Kyiv Synthesis and Structure of Tannin/Bentonite-Derived Biochar
23 Dr Ghendov-Mosanu Aliona Moldova Chisinau Influance of Vegetable Powders on the Rheological Properties of Pasta Dough
24 Mrs Gherdelescu Lucia Moldova Chisinau The Composition of the Aromatic Complex of Wines from Local Grape Varieties Legenda
25 Ms Ginsari Irina Moldova Chisinau Adsorption of p-Coumaric Acid on Oenological Activated Carbons
26 Dr Gurev Angela Moldova Chisinau Profile of Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Extracts from Feteasca Neagră By-products
27 Mr Gutsul Tatiana Moldova Chisinau The Interaction of Rhodococcus Rhodochrous CNMN-Ac-05 with CoFe2O4/PEG Nanoparticles Analysed by Method of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
28 Prof Gutu Iacob Moldova Chișinau Synthesis of Polymer Systems from N-Vinylpyrrolidone with Hydroxymethyl Derivatives of Transition Metal Phthalocyanines for Photodynamic Therapy
29 Dr Haritonov Svetlana Moldova Chisinau Physico-Chemical Properties of Vegetable Oils from Local Trade
30 Ms Indoitu Diana Moldova Chisinau Macronutrient in Chernozem from Long-Term Agroexperiments: Variation And Pattern
31 Dr Japaridze Leila Georgia Tbilisi Environmentally Friendly Therapeutic and Prophylactic Means, Against Plant Pathogens
32 Mr Kolotilova Anna Russia Ivanovo The Quality of Soil and Vegetation Cover Near the Outlet of Spring Waters based on Bioindication Data
33 Dr Lupascu Lucian Moldova Chisinau The Protective Effect of Vinyl Triazole Derivatives in Some Fungal Diseases in Wheat
34 Prof Macaev Fliur Moldova Chisinau Propolis Extracts from Central Zone of Moldova as an Accessible and Alternative Therapeutic Raw Material
35 Prof Macaev Fliur Moldova Chisinau Resin Acids as Raw Material Ffor Fabrication of Antifungal Micro- and Nanoparticles of Dehydroabietic Acid Loaded with Cyclodextrin and Chromenol Hybrid
36 Dr Mereuta Aliona Moldova Chisinau Medical Waste Processing in the Republic of Moldova
37 Mrs Mesyanceva Polina Russia Ivanovo Identification of Priority Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Roadside Dust (Ivanovo City)
38 Mrs Mirila Diana Carmen Romania Bacău Synthesis and Applications of a New Catalyst Based on Silver Nanoparticles Incorporated on Cationic Clay
39 Dr Mogîldea Vladimir Moldova Chisinau The Use of Sludge Resulting from Urban Wastewater Treatment in Agriculture
40 Prof Oh Sun Kun Korea Seul Nuclear Waste Management in Korea
41 Dr Osipova Nana Georgia Tbilisi Influence of Natural Zeolites of Georgia on the Migration Of Toxic Elements in Soil-Plant System
42 Ms Petcu Gabriela Romania Bucharest Antibiotic Pollutants Degradation with Photocatalysts based on Modified TiO2. Effects of Dopant, Surface Area and Porous Structure
43 Ms Rafiyeva Hijran Azerbaijan Baku Determination of Heavy Metals in Soil
44 Dr Rastimesina Inna Moldova Chisinau Microbiological Characteristic of Soil for the Bioremediation of POPs Contaminated Sites
45 Dr Roba Carmen Romania Cluj-Napoca Heavy Metals Concentration in Different Species of Trees, Shrubs and the Associated Soils from Urban Area of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
46 Ms Romanova Mary Russia Krasnoyarsk Paulownia For Bioremediation of Urbanized Soils
47 Mrs Sabag Bar Israel Be’er Sheva Disinfection of Sewage with the Help of a System that Generates Copper Ions
48 Mr Samadov Jalair Azerbaijan Baku Ecology of Oil Industry
49 Dr Saphier Magal Israel Beer-Shiva Antimicrobial Effect of Monovalent Copper Ions, Possible Applications
50 Dr Scutaru Iurie Moldova Chisinau Evaluation of the Polyphenols Potential from Grape Vinification Residues of Rara Neagră and Malbec Grapes Varieties Harvested from Purcari Area
51 Ms Shraga Gal Israel Be’er Sheva Study for Developing Device to Process Human Food Waste to Animal Nutrition
52 Dr Soran Maria – Loredana Romania Cluj-Napoca The Variation of the Bioactive Compounds Content in Lettuce Grown in the Presence of Heavy Metals Salts
53 Prof Sturza Rodica Moldova Chisinau Influence of Pulsating Electric Field (PEF) Pre-treatment on the Extraction Efficiency of Phenolic Compounds from Grape Marc
54 Dr Subotin Iurie Moldova Chisinau Analysis of the Mechanism of Forced Oxidation of Grape Seed Oil
55 Dr Sucman Natalia Moldova mun. Comrat Chemical Composition of Organic Fertilizers Obtained from Poultry Waste by Different Methods.
56 Mrs Tașca Corina Moldova Chișinău The Impact of Tomatin BAC on the Process of Alcoholic Fermentation of Cereal Biomas
57 Ms Taferguennit Manel Algeria Algiers Structural, Spectroscopic and DFT Studies of a Common Food Preservative «E202» and Invesigation of its In-Vitro Antimicrobial Activity
58 Dr Timbaliuc Nina Moldova Chisinau Study of Adsorption Parameters of Autochthonous Carbon Enterosorbents
59 Mrs Vicol Crina Moldova Chisinau Study of The Evolution of Polyphenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Local Grape Varieties at Different Maturation Periods
60 Dr Vladei Natalia Moldova Chisinau Assessment the Potential of Biologically Active Substances of Young Red Wine Produced from Rară Neagră (local grape variety)
61 Prof Zalov Ali Azerbaijan Baku Extractive Photometric Determination of Cobalt