ECOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY-2022 The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Registered Participants

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C. Climate Change and Atmospheric Chemistry


Nr. Title, Name Country City Abstract Title
1 Dr Bitta Jan Czech Republic Ostrava-Poruba Potential of Neural Networks for Air Quality Sensor Data Processing and Analysis
2 Dr Bogdevici Oleg Moldova Chisinau Spatial Mapping of National Emissions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants in Republic of Moldova
3 Mrs Botnari Aliona Moldova Chisinau Impactul Schimbărilor Climatice Asupra Datei de Manifestare a Inghețurilor Periculoase pe Teritoriul Republicii MoldovaI
4 Dr Bulimaga Constantin Moldova Chisinau The Trend of the Dynamics of the Main Causes of Death of the Population in the North Development Region
5 Dr Burkitbayev Serik Kazakhstan Almaty The Samgau Project – The Green Technology to Deliver the Clean Atmosphere (Air) by the Means of Unique Features of Evergreen Tian-Shan Spruce
6 Mr Cazac Valeriu Moldova Chisinau The Problem of Acid Rain and Transboundary Air Pollution
7 Mr Chaligava Omari Russia Dubna Moss Biomonitoring of Air Pollution in Georgia
8 Mrs Crivova Olga Moldova Chisinau Dinamics of Climate Changes in Republic of Moldova According to Koppen-Trewartha Climate Classification
9 Dr Gnuchikh Evgeniya Russia Krasnodar Investigation Of Toxic Compounds In The Aerosol Of Tobacco Heating System
10 Mr Kärkelä Teemu Finland Espoo Absence of Solid Particles Generated from Thermal Processes in the Aerosol from an Electrically Heated Tobacco Product
11 Prof Khomich Vladislav Yurievich Russia Saint-Petersburg On the Transition to Green Aviation
12 Ms Malova Yulia Russia Ivanovo The Risk Assessment to Humans and the Biosphere from Air Pollution Near Springs
13 Dr Margaryan Liana Armenia Yerevan Assessing Climate Change Impact on Water Quality of the River Voghji
14 Dr Popek Robert Poland Warsaw Present and Future Trends in Phytoremediation of Urban Particulate Matter Pollution by Roadside Vegetation
15 Dr Romanciuc Inna Ukraine Kyiv Analysis of NO2 Air Pollution: Case of Ukraine
16 Dr Svozilik Vladislav Russia Dubna Air Pollution Modeling Using Regression Models
17 Dr Tugulea Andrian Moldova Chișinău Investigation of Influence of Environmental Pollution on Trees Leaf Proprieties of Balti Urban Ecosystem (Republic of Moldova)
18 Mr Vergel Konstantin Russia Dubna Assessment of Atmospheric Deposition in Central Russia
19 Dr Zinicovscaia Inga Russia Dubna Nuclear Analytical Techniques in Ecological Studies: Moldova Case Study