ECOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY-2022 The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The 7th International Conference, March 3-4, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

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B. Water Science and Society


Nr. Title, Name Country City Abstract Title
1 Ms Aliyeva Solmaz Azerbaijan Baku Comparison of Adsorption Properties of Hydrolyzed Lignin and Expanded Graphite against Brilliant Green
2 Prof Aliyeva Tarana Azerbaijan Baku Environmental Assessment and Polution of Zabrat Lake of the Absheron Peninsula
3 Prof Aliyeva Tarana Azerbaijan Baku Environmental Assessment of Natural Water Sources in the Village of Guzanli, Aghdam Region
4 Mrs Avdeeva Lidia Russia Chernogolovka Biological Oxidation of High-Energy Compounds from Industrial Wastewater on example of nitrated cellulose
5 Dr Ökten Hatice Eser Turkey Izmir Techno-Economic Assessment of Electrochemical Process for Sustainable Removal of Methylene Blue
6 Dr Bagrin Nina Moldova Chisinau Hydrochemical State of Some Fish Ponds from the Republic of Moldova and Romania
7 Ms Beiu Marina Moldova Chișinău Technological Aspects of Wastewater Reception and Treatment
8 Mr Belghiti Mohamed Morocco Marrakech Dyes Depollution of Water Using PdO-ZnO Photocatalysts
9 Dr Bersirova Oksana Ukraine Kyiv Purification of Industrial Wastewater Containing Heavy Metal Salts and Radioisotopes by Low-temperature Plasma Electrolysis
10 Mr Blonschi Vladislav Moldova Chisinau Estimation of the Redox State of the Dniester River Waters by Monitoring of Thiol Compounds
11 Dr Borodaev Ruslan Moldova Chisinau Peculiarities of the Accumulation of Iron and Copper in the Dniester River
12 Mrs Bosacka Alicja Poland Lublin Physicochemical and Sorption Characteristics of Lignin-Based Materials
13 Dr Bulimaga Constantin Moldova Chisinau Contributions to the Environmental Impact of the Wastewater Treated at Biological Purification Plants
14 Dr Bulimaga Constantin Moldova Chisinau Evaluation of the Impact of the Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant in Floresti on the Water of the Răut River
15 Dr Bulimaga Constantin Moldova Chisinau Assessment of the Degree of Pollution of Surface Waters in the Urban Ecosystem Balti with Organic Pollutions
16 Dr Bunduchi Elena Moldova Chisinau Study on the Impact of Some Local Thiols On the Water Self-Purification Capacity of Danceni Lake
17 Dr Bunduchi Elena Moldova Chisinau The Evaluation of Redox Self-purification Processes of Some Natural Waters
18 Mr Ciorba Petru Moldova Chisinau Dynamics of the Content and Forms of Migration of Cu and Zn in the Prut River
19 Mr Cisteacov Maxim Moldova Chișinău The Influence of Some Chemical and Physico-Chemical Parameters on the Glutathione Photolysis
20 Prof Cretescu Igor Romania Iasi Improving the Water Resources Management on the Sulina Canal (Danube Delta, Romania), Based on Previous Data and own Recent Investigations on the Water Quality
21 Prof Crivoi Aurelia Moldova Chişinău The Influence of Drinking Water Quality from the City of Făleşti on Human Population Health
22 Dr Di Marcantonio Camilla Italy Rome Environmental Risk Assessment Associate to Organic Micropollutants in the Final Effluent of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants
23 Dr Drumea Dumitru Moldova Chisinau Nutrient Loads on the Environment in the Balti Municipality
24 Dr Drăgoi Elena Niculina România Iași Wastewater Treatment of Effluents Containing Eriochrome Black T Using an UV Reactor. Experimental, Modelling and Optimization
25 Mrs Duca Svetlana Moldova Chisinau Systemic Approach of Management of Water Supply and Sanitation
26 Dr Eprikashvili Luba Georgia Tbilisi Sorption of Ceftriaxone from Wastewater by Natural Zeolites
27 Dr Gladchi Viorica Moldova Chisinau The Influence of the Răut River on the Mineralization of the Nistru River Waters (Period of Years 2015-2020)
28 Dr Gladchi Viorica Moldova Chisinau Hydrochemistry of the Ghidighici Accumulation Lake (Years 2015-2020)
29 Dr Gladchi Viorica Moldova Chisinau Estimation of Water Quality in Ghidighici and Dănceni Lakes In Order To Use Them For Irrigation
30 Dr Goncharov Oleksandr Ukraine Odessa Modification of Loss-On-Ignition Method for Determination of Organic Matter in Highly Calcareous Sediments
31 Dr Grabco Nadejda Moldova Chisinau Planktonic Algae of the River Răut within the Limits of the Bălți Urban Ecosystem
32 Dr Hayrapetyan Sergey Armenia Yerevan Cellulose Containing Composite Sorbents to Remove Heavy Metals from Wastewater
33 Dr Ioseliani Dali Georgia Tbilisi Adsorption Properties of Georgian Perlite in the Process of Water Purification from Cu (II) and Fe (II) Ions
34 Ms Isac Aliona Moldova Chisinau Alluvium Runoff in Transboundary Rivers in the Republic of Moldova
35 Dr Itcus Corina Romania Bucharest Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Assessment of Waters and Sediments from Danube Delta
36 Dr Itcus Corina Romania Bucharest Identification and Measurements of Organochlorine Compounds in Danube Delta
37 Dr Ivanets Andrei Belarus Minsk Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties of Selective Lithium Ions Adsorbents Based on Li-Mn Spinels
38 Dr Ivanets Andrei Belarus Minsk Synthesis, Structure, and Adsorption properties of Ion-Exchange Materials Based on Li-Ti spinel
39 Dr Ivanets Andrei Belarus Minsk Adsorption Performance of Zr-Ca-Mg Composite Phosphates to Co2+ Ions
40 Mrs Izvekova Anna Russia Ivanovo Treatment of Aqueous Solutions Containing Heavy Metal Ions in Plasma Systems
41 Mrs Kalenova Anastasia Russia Ivanovo The Quality of Tap and Spring Water Before and after Treatment with the Use of Household Equipment
42 Ms Kornilova Elena Russia Stavropol Modeling and Monitoring of Eurasian Natural Mineral Waters
43 Prof Kublanovsky Valeriy Ukraine Kiev Use of by Low-temperature Plasma Electrolysis for Water Purification from Bacteria and Viruses.
44 Prof Kupatadze-Demirtas Ketevan Georgia Tbilisi Water and Society in Georgia from Historical Angle
45 Prof Kupatadze-Demirtas Ketevan Georgia Tbilisi Surface Water Study in Several Villages of Kakheti Region of Georgia
46 Ms Lis Angela Moldova Chisinau Influence of H2O2 on Thiourea Photochemical Transformations in the Presence of Cu(II) and Fe(III) Ions in Aquatic Systems
47 Dr Lung Ildiko Romania Cluj-Napoca Application of CNT-COOH/MnO2/Fe3O4 Nanocomposite for the Removal of Cymoxanil from Aqueous Solution
48 Prof Lupascu Tudor Moldova Chisinau Synthetic And Natural Adsorbents For Water Treatment And Detoxification Of The Human Body
49 Dr Lupascu Lucian Moldova Chisinau Adsorption of Bacillus Cereus, Bacillus Subtilis and Pseudomonas Fluorescens Bacteria from Acid Water Solutions on Activated Carbon
50 Dr Margaryan Liana Armenia Yerevan The Structuring of the Cationic Polymer ZETAG 9014 with the Changes of the pH
51 Dr Margaryan Liana Armenia Yerevan Study of TN/TP Ratio Changes Depending on Water Level Variation in the Lake Sevan
52 Ms Mitina Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Quality rating of groundwater from artesian wells and wells from different regions of Moldova.
53 Ms Mitina Tatiana Moldova Chisinau Evaluating the suitability of groundwater for drinking purposes from Causani region of the Republic of Moldova
54 Ms Mocanu Larisa Moldova Chisinau Removal Cephalexin from Aqueous Solution by Photodegradation
55 Dr Mourak Abdellah Morocco Marrakech Application of Chitosane Modified (O-Oxidation), in Adsorbtion of Orange 7 Colorant
56 Dr Nastas Raisa Moldova Chisinau Activated Carbon Supported Metal Catalysts for Nitrite and Sulphide Ions Oxidation in Water
57 Ms Polianciuc Svetlana Iuliana România Cluj Napoca Quantification of Antibiotics in Influent and Effluent Wastewater Treatments Plant and Antibiotic Resistance Profile of Isolated Bacteria
58 Mrs Porubin-Schimbător Veronica Moldova Chisinau Photocatalytic oxidation of the anionic surfactant Sodium 2-ethylhexyl Sulfate in UV/TiO2/H2O2 and UV/Fe2+/H2O2 systems
59 Mr Pănescu Vlad-Alexandru Romania Cluj Napoca Assessment of the History of POP Pollution in Lake Iacob, Danube Delta, Based on Radionuclide-Dated Sediments
60 Mrs Samadova Aytan Azerbaijan Baku Research of Pollution Level of Lake Binagadi
61 Dr Sandu Maria Moldova Chisinau Impact of Detergents on the Nitrification Process of Ammonium Ions in Natural Waters
62 Dr Shtamm Elena Russia Moscow Detoxification and Disinfection Technologies of Dangerous Chemical Substances (DCS) Used in Industry and Agriculture
63 Dr Shvydkiy Viacheslav Russia Moscow New Aspects of Assessing the State of Natural Waters
64 Dr Soran Maria – Loredana Romania Cluj-Napoca Utilization of Nanomaterials Based on Carbon Nanotubes for Tartrazine Removal from Water. Isotherms and Kinetic Studies
65 Dr Spataru Petru Moldova Chisinau Research on the Composition and Properties of Underwater Sediments of the Ghidighici Lake
66 Mrs Sulaeva Olga Russia Ivanovo Environmental Assessment of Water Quality in the Water Supply Source in Ivanovo
67 Dr Svozilíkova Krakovská Aneta Russia Dubna Phytoremediation of Zn-laden Wastewater using a Constructed Wetland Treatment System
68 Dr Thamer Adnan Abdullah Hungary Veszprem New Nanosize Materials Obtained by Thermal Treatment of Vanadium Oxides with Application in Dyes Removal in Wastewater Treatment
69 Dr Timbaliuc Nina Moldova Chisinau Adsorption of Pyridoxine from Aqueous Solutions Using Carbon Adorbents
70 Prof Tsitsishvili Vladimer Georgia Tbilisi Bactericidal Materials Based On Natural Zeolites
71 Prof Vaseashta Ashok USA Manassas Decentralized Atmospheric Water Harvesting – A Step towards Future of Water Sustainability.
72 Prof Vaseashta Ashok USA Manassas Bio-Based Plastics for Environmental Sustainability and Reduction of Micro/Nanoplastics in Aquatic Ecosystems
73 Dr Yankovsky Ivan Russia Saint – Petersburg Pollution of Lake Ladoga Ecosystems by Organometallic Components of Oils and Petroleum Products